Funding Requests

Find funding to support your initiatives

Our UCSC funding committee is comprised of the executive members of the organization and supported by our two advisors. We offer funding opportunities for initiatives to support first-year students.

Before applying, please read through the eligibility guidelines to see if your request qualifies.

Funding Grant Purpose

The UCSC funding grants are intended to support initiatives promoting personal, social, and academic success among University College students and all first-year college students at IU Indianapolis.

Funding requests for first year seminars are limited to first year seminars with at least 50% University College students enrolled.


  1. The request must align with the UCSC funding grant purpose and UCSC mission statement.
  2. The funding request must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the event taking place.
  3. Maximum of $100 per semester per course is awarded for First-Year Seminar UCSC funding requests involving ONLY food. Maximum of $500 per semester for all other requests. Be creative with how your funds will be used! We want this funding to create a more welcoming and successful environment at IU Indianapolis. 
  4. Examples of what UCSC funding can be used toward including ordering food for a meeting or celebration, renting speakers for an event, buying supplies for an event such as paint or tie-dye, purchasing tickets for the Indianapolis Zoo, and more. In the fund request form please provide details on how the funding will be utilized and describe how your event aligns with the purpose of UCSC.
  5. The funding amount must be reasonable for the scope of the event. For example, it is not reasonable to request $50 for an event that will have only three students involved.
  6. When awarded and utilizing UCSC funds, your event must include UCSC as a sponsor among your marketing materials.
  7. University College students and/or first-year students must be given the chance to participate or be involved with the event that is being funded.
  8. UCSC Funding Grants cannot be utilized toward the following:
  • Honoraria, salaries or wages to IU enterprise staff and/or students for presenting/ participating in student activities, organizations, or athletics (excluding campus security)
  • Charities, scholarships, donations, or any form of organizational/ personal gain
  • Gifts of any kind, such as gift cards, cash, or awards that can be easily converted to cash
  • Personal subscriptions and/or memberships; group memberships  Alcoholic beverages and/or any illegal substances/ paraphernalia
  • Off-campus advertising (postage), any photography and/or any videography expenses
  • Contributions or expenditures in connection with any political campaign (including primaries) on behalf of any candidate for public office, or financial support of any kind to organizations whose activities consist substantially of lobbying or other activities designed to influence legislation
  • Direct or indirect support of litigation against the University
  1. Food Guidelines: Student organizations do NOT pay taxes for food from Chartwells, so please ensure your quote/invoice is correct. Food requests are limited to $10 per person. Reimbursements for drinks are strictly limited to Coca-Cola licensed products ONLY. Please contact our Financial Specialist at for questions about food vendors.
  2. Contact Information: For all questions or inquiries regarding the guidelines or funding process please email UCSC at