Roles of advisors

While an advisor’s primary role is to assist students with their academic and career goals in a one-on-one setting, they also provide assistance in other settings and roles.

Learning community instructional teams

Advisors are key members of the instructional teams for each learning community. In this role, the advisor serves as the assigned advisor for all students enrolled in the section to which they are assigned. By being in the classroom for each class meeting, students are able to make frequent contacts with an advisor. Advisors provide students with important information and guidance on topics such as study skills, time management, financial planning, and selecting a major and career.

Students experiencing difficulties

Advisors are particularly well trained in working with students who have academic difficulties. Advisors assist students in assessing problems and developing positive solutions that lead to academic success and graduation.


Throughout the semester, advisors present workshops on academic skills, including time management, goal setting, and selection of a major and career.