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It is strongly recommended that potential participants do some individual research before committing to the program. This will help develop a better understanding of the program and how it may benefit the participant. Below are the recommended steps to use as a guide to learn more about NSE: 

  1. Review list of participating host schools on the NSE web site at
    1. Search for participating schools based on major or location via the “Campuses” tab at the top of the page
    2. Check list of majors on the host school’s profile to ensure your major is available at the host school
    3. Check “Placement” section at top of school profile to view chances for admission. IU Indianapolis students will apply as Home Payment students.
    4. Review tuition and fees tab. Even though you will pay IU Indianapolis tuition and fees, there may be additional fees you will have to pay directly to the school, e.g. housing deposit or activity fee
    5. Review housing options if you are planning to apply for campus housing
    6. Click on the link to school’s web site for more info about the campus
  2. Research class options and other info of interest on host school’s web site and make a list of classes you are interested in taking there to share with your academic advisor
  3. Check out our Instagram page @iui_nse to view previous participants’ experiences!
  4. Contact NSE University Director, Asha McCauley, to discuss school(s) you are considering to review chances of acceptance and feasibility of exchange timeline

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