Academic Advisor

Student success advisors help you to determine which courses to take each semester, ensure you are meeting degree requirements, and help you understand the processes of applying and transitioning to your degree-granting school.

Academic and Career Development

(317) 274-4856

While in University College, student success advisors are knowledgeable about undergraduate programs and requirements, as well as resources for support. They can help you select courses and prepare for registration. If you want to further explore career options, our career consultants can help. Learn how to consider your own values, interests, skills, and personality as you evaluate your career path.

Adaptive Education Services (AES)

(317) 274-3241

AES coordinates and provides support services and academic accommodations for students with disabilities, ensuring that students with documented disabilities have equal opportunities to pursue the college degree of their choice. In addition to helping students, AES provides processors, instructors, and university staff with expert advice and assistance as they develop meaningful and effective accommodations for students with disabilities.

Behavioral Consultation Team

Use (317) 274-4431 to speak with one of the BCT Coordinating Team Members.

Use (317) 274-7911 to call IUPD for immediate safety concerns.

The Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is designed for early intervention regarding behavioral issues to help support the health, safety, and success of the IUPUI community. The BCT is a campuswide team that provides consultation, makes recommendations for action, and coordinates campus resources in response to reports of disruptive or concerning behavior displayed by students, staff, or faculty.

Bepko Learning Center

The mission of the Bepko Learning Center is to enhance the opportunities for undergraduate students to achieve educational goals and to assist in their development of academic skills through the guidance of more experienced, highly successful student peers. Collaborative learning, role modeling, peer interaction, and peer support play key parts in this success.

Biology Resource Center

The Biology Resource Center is a collaboration between the Bepko Learning Center and the Department of Biology, which offers free assistance to students in the form of individual and small group tutoring for select biology courses.

Campus Center

(317) 278-2533

The Campus Center is the hub of student life and a one-stop destination. It serves as the home of Barnes & Noble, Indiana Members Credit Union, Office of Student Financial Services, Office of the Registrar, Office for Veterans and Military Personnel, Division of Student Affairs, and many other offices.

Campus Recreation

(317) 274-2824

Campus Recreation offers a variety of recreational opportunities, fitness programs, and intramural sports to promote fitness and to develop leadership, understanding, and respect. There is a $50 fee per semester for students with an additional cost to participate in intramural activities. Visit the website for more information.

Career Services

Career services at IUPUI are school-based. Students can find their school-based career services and log in to their school-based career services system at this link.

Center for Teaching and Learning

(317) 274-1300

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) advances IUPUI’s commitment to teaching excellence by collaborating with faculty, schools, and departments to enhance student learning and to support faculty development at our diverse urban research institution. The CTL provides a wide array of programs, events, and services that foster innovation in teaching, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and the translation of education research into local practice.

Center for Transfer and Adult Students

(317) 278-2630

The Center for Transfer and Adult Students provides a primary point of contact for transfer and adult students, providing programming and support through their transition to the academic unit home.

Chemistry Resource Center

(317) 274-6877

The Chemistry Resource Center (CRC), which is located in LD 201, provides students with an opportunity to get additional help in their chemistry courses. Help is free and is available on a drop-in basis. The CRC’s target audience is students enrolled in 100-level courses: C100, C101, C105, C106, C110, C115, C121, C125, and C126.

Computer Science Tutoring Lab

The Computer Science Tutoring Center provides support for students registered in any undergraduate computer science course. Support includes lab assistants, peer-led team learning, recitation, and virtual office hours for distributed education students.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

(317) 274-2548

CAPS provides group and individual counseling services, learning assessments, crisis consultations, psychiatric medication management, and outreach presentations for IUPUI students. CAPS services support psychological health and well-being, which directly promotes the academic and personal success for IUPUI’s diverse student body.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

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The English for Academic Purposes Program is part of the English Department in the School of Liberal Arts. EAP is designed to provide the language support and assistance that undergraduate and graduate students need to fully participate and succeed in their respective fields.

Health and Wellness Promotion

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Health and Wellness Promotion cultivates the knowledge, skills, and confidence of students to create an environment that supports making healthy and responsible choices consistent with personal values. Programs and services are provided to support the six dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual.

Housing and Residence Life

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Housing and Residence Life (HRL) offers a number of housing options. Once here, students are provided support through social and academic programming designed to ease the transition to college and to help them get the most out of their college experience. HRL helps manage day-to-day concerns that arise such as a maintenance problem with their residence, friction with a roommate, or stress over an upcoming exam.

Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) and Statistics Assistance (MAC Stat)

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The MAC as a learning center offers services at two centralized locations on IUPUI’s campus. The MAC is an interactive, academic space dedicated through peer-to-peer interactions (tutoring and mentoring) extending or reinforcing the mathematical learning of undergraduate students enrolled in mathematics courses at IUPUI. The MAC and MAC Stat are each open 60+ hours during the week, including 5 hours of weekend support. The range of content services starts at the gateway course level and extends through differential equations, as well as linear algebra courses and theoretical statistics courses. The MAC, located in Taylor Hall, promotes student-driven collaboration around mathematical concepts and curriculum at the tertiary level. The MAC Stat, located in University Library, is dedicated to the peer-to-peer tutoring and mentoring of all statistics and statistics-related courses at IUPUI. The MAC Stat also offers 15 advanced statistical computing stations, providing support for students engaged with projects, homework, and other statistical work on campus.

Multicultural Center

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The IUPUI Multicultural Center (MC) acknowledges the diverse backgrounds and identities of our students, faculty, and staff, yet we unite because we are all Jaguars! Through engaging programming, educational opportunities, and support, the MC promotes the value of diversity, broadens multicultural awareness and sensitivity, and encourages interaction and dialogue among students, faculty, and staff. Come learn more by visiting us in Taylor Hall, UC 115.

Off-Campus Student Services

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Off-Campus Student Services offers a variety of resources and programs to support living independently. An annual housing fair along with special events and an updated property listings website are provided for students to find the best place to live while attending IUPUI.

Office of International Affairs

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We work with people and organizations on campus, in Indianapolis, and throughout the world to:

  • Develop IUPUI students into global citizens
  • Facilitate international engagement and partnerships
  • Recruit and enroll international students
  • Provide transition support, expert advising, and visa services for international students and scholars
  • Oversee IUPUI’s study abroad activities
  • Support international teaching and learning—for example, through use of the Global Crossroads videoconferencing lab
  • Increase cross-cultural understanding through events and programs, including the International House

Office of the Registrar

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(317) 274-1519

The Office of the Registrar publishes the class schedule each term, schedules student registration appointments, provides online registration and drop/add services, processes registration waitlist requests, assists with coding of student academic advising reports, processes student record updates (e.g., special credit, grade changes, grade forgiveness), collects and posts final course grades, and provides official transcripts and enrollment/degree verifications. The registrar also administers the production and delivery of student diplomas for graduates.

Office of Student Employment

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(317) 274-0857

The mission of the Office of Student Employment (OSE) is to support the Division of Undergraduate Education by empowering students to pursue and to succeed in meaningful, academically relevant college work experiences that enhance both academic and professional growth. Students seeking support in the part-time job search, beginning resume and cover letter development, or interview prep can schedule an appointment with an OSE staff member or visit during drop-in hours.

Office of Student Financial Services

Visit Office of Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services helps students pay for college expenses through the awarding of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study from federal, state, institutional, and private sources.

Office of Student Involvement

Visit Office of Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement provides hundreds of opportunities for engagement and growth through social justice education, leadership development, civic engagement and community service, fraternity and sorority life, and student organizations.

Office of Student Scholarships

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(317) 274-5516

The Office of Student Scholarships is the central resource for scholarship applications and information on IUPUI scholarships, including departmental, school-based scholarships, as well as general campuswide scholarships.

Office for Veterans and Military Personnel

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(317) 278-9163

The Office for Veterans and Military Personnel (OVMP) is a centralized office designed to provide comprehensive resources to aid in the overall success of veterans, military personnel, and their family members at IUPUI. The OVMP processes VA education entitlements and provides advocacy and additional outreach services for students transitioning from military to student life.

Office for Women

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(317) 278-3600

The IUPUI Office for Women works to build an environment on campus that is inclusive of all and seeks to create a climate where women can succeed. We do this through programming, research, mentoring, advocacy, policy analysis, and consultation. We offer programs that enhance all women’s leadership potential and seek to expand our connections to women across the world. We provide resources and education about gender equity to students, faculty, and staff, as well as our community. We support efforts to create equal opportunities and justice for women both locally and globally.

Parent, Family, and New Student Programs

Visit Parent, Family, and New Student Programs

(317) 274-3699

Parents and families can become members of the Jaguar Family Association and can also access valuable resources, programs, and services.

Passport Program

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The Office of IUPUI/Ivy Tech Coordinated Programs was formed with the central purpose to increase access to those in the eight-county Indianapolis region to a full range of postsecondary education degree options, from the associate through the doctoral levels.

Physics Learning Space

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(317) 274-6900

Psychology Resource Center

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(317) 278-8615

The Psychology Resource Center, located in LD 129, offers mentoring and support for students taking B110 Introduction to Psychology. Students may come to the center seeking help with homework exercises, study skills, exam preparation strategies, essay and paper writing, logging into Sona (human research participant pool), and anything else related to their courses.

School of Liberal Arts Office of Career Development

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The Office of Career Development prepares, supports, and advises students each step of their career path. We serve undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni and recent graduates.

Sexual Assault Prevention, Intervention and Response Task Force

Visit Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Specialist

(317) 274-5715

IUPUI is committed to being a leader in responding to all forms of sexual violence and in providing support to survivors. The specialist can serve as a confidential resource and assist with reporting, prevention, resources, and policies.

Spanish Resource Center

Visit Spanish Resource Center

(317) 278-1210

The Spanish Resource Center in Indianapolis is the result of cooperative efforts between the IUPUI Department of World Languages and Cultures, the IUPUI Department of International Affairs, and of the Spanish Embassy’s Ministry of Education. Check for services and scheduled tutoring hours in CA 205.

Speaker's Lab

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(317) 278-7940

The IUPUI Speaker’s Lab is an on-campus resource that is available to help you become a better speaker. Whether you need assistance in brainstorming topics for your speech, drafting your speech online, or practicing your presentation, we are available to assist you. Our mentors can provide you the tools you need to feel comfortable and successful in overcoming your fears. After working with us, you will feel more comfortable and confident about your presentation.

Student Advocate

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(317) 274-4431

The student advocate helps students navigate through campus policies and procedures they might encounter, including fee disputes, grade appeals, emergency withdrawals, and disciplinary issues.

Student and Family Connections (SFC) (Parent & Family Programs)

Visit Student and Family Connections

(317) 274-3699

Campus Center, Suite 350

Student and Family Connections (SFC) strives to create partnerships both on and off campus and provide quality programs and services that empower students and their families to become engaged members of the IUPUI community.

Student Conduct

Visit Student Conduct

(317) 274-4431

The Office of Student Conduct supports the educational mission of the university by upholding the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. The IUPUI disciplinary process is a fair and informal educational process designed to promote a safe educational environment and to develop students who are productive members of both the local and global communities.

Student Health

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(317) 274-8214

Student Health provides routine preventive and acute care for students at Campus Center and Coleman Hall. There are fees, depending on the services received. Some insurances are accepted. For more information, visit the website.

Student Success Programs

Learn More about First-Year Programs, Student Success, and Engagement

About First-Year Experience

About Student Success

College is both an exciting and challenging experience. Our goal is to assist you with meeting new friends, making connections on campus and in the community, developing leadership skills, and introducing you to campus resources to help you succeed. Working closely with University College, students are provided with many opportunities to maximize their success; this includes individuals working along with students to help them develop academically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Study Abroad Office

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(317) 274-2081

The Study Abroad Office is your go-to resource for information about and help with IUPUI overseas experiences. As part of the Office of International Affairs, we work with students, faculty, staff, and anyone else interested in study abroad at IUPUI.

TCM Writing Center

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(317) 278-9946

The Technical Communication Writing Center is a free student service provided by the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. The Technical Writing Center tutors can help you plan, organize, and revise many types of documents and presentations.

University Writing Center

Visit University Writing Center

The University Writing Center (UWC) is a free service available to all IUPUI students, both graduate and undergraduate. Students can work one-on-one with experienced readers and writers to improve their writing process and to receive constructive feedback on their assignments.